Celebrating any enterprise for whatever reason requires great circumspection especially if it is a jubilee celebration. The initial temptation is to trumpet all the positive achievements of half a decade of our existence as an Institute.
However we chose to consider our perceived relevance to humanity and our impact on society by highlighting the emerging concerns of the impact of rapid urbanisation on our cities capacity for growth and development.
Our theme for the celebration is “Integrated Development – The Architects Focus for the Future” it seeks to create a new development focus by considering the whole of society as our clients.
While we have achieved individual excellence in architecture, the collective response from society is one of frustration and disappointment with our dysfunctional cities.
We may proudly identify with several impressive facilities and structures of architectural excellence, but this has failed to translate collectively into pragmatic sustainable and functional built environment for society. The loudest noise on the horizon is the silence that comes with our impact on development direction. Beyond philosophy and aesthetics, society is struggling to understand our relevance.
In this edition, we have published a wide range of articles that provide some direction starting from 1962 to the present. Our feature Architects – Victor Adegbite and David Adjaye are two ends of a bridge spanning 1962 – 2012, a transition from Architecture for Nation building to Architecture for the future.
Let’s celebrate our journey from 1962 to the present and be reminded that our focus beyond 2012 will determine the direction of our National Development.
In global perspective, Africa is the next frontier, but as Architects, are we ready for the future?
Congratulations to all Architects and persons who have made this jubilee possible – Happy Celebration – Osei Kwame Agyeman