from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Building Technology, KNUST

Fifty years in the lifetime of an individual is a remarkable achievement but fifty years in the lifetime of an institution is a more remarkable achievement because many different individuals and committees may have seen to the running of the institution over the years. Considering the fact that the GIA was the first professional association to be registered and recognized in Ghana, the jubilee celebration is unprecedented! Today, many profession-al bodies have followed the GIA’s example.

Over the years the GIA has gone through great times and very terrible ones as well. By dint of hard work, dedication and commitment, the GIA has not only survived but has come to stay and playa leading role in the development of the built environment in Ghana. Through its efforts, many Ghanaians now appreciate the important role of architects in the development of the country. It is very important that with the continued growth of the economy and particularly with the exploitation of oil in commercial quantities in Ghana, the GIA asserts itself more to ensure a meaningful development of the country.

The Department of Architecture is very happy and proud to be sharing this wonderful achievement with the Ghana Institute of Architects and would like to express its appreciation to the Institute for the wonderful role it has and continues to play in the education of architects in Ghana, the subregion and the world in general. Personally and on behalf of the Department, I would like to thank all those who have selflessly over the years, ran the affairs of the Institute and assisted the Department and hope that this jubilee celebration will excite many more members to resolve to diligently and faithfully serve the Institute’to enable it grow from strength to strength. GIA ayekoo.

Prof. George W.K. Intsiful Head, Department of Architecture, KNUST 22nd August, 2012