Condition of Engagements

  1. An architect is required to satisfy his client to t he best of his ability, to reflect the charges that his client wou ld be required to pay. It must be agreed in writing a thorough und erstanding of the services required of him by the client for a particular project.
  2. For the mutual benefit of clients and architects, these conditions of engagement determine the minimum fees that members of the Ghana Institute of Architects may ch arge for their professional services.
  3. The architect's charges may be by way of a percen tage of the total cost of the works, by periodic charges based on the. time expended by the architect in carrying out the work, or a predetermined lump sum charge.
  4. The basis of charges agreed with the client should be recorded in an appropriate memorandum of Agreement or by way of an exchange of letters. Charges for any seco ndary consultants such as engineers and quantity surveyor s which are separate should be incorporated in a schedule o f services and charges.