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Work Stream 9: Publications & Events

Newsletter (Quarterly), Ghana Architects (Bi-Annual)


  1. Develop effective communication and Marketing to ols/Strategies for the Institute
  2. Develop Event calendar to guide the Institute’s activities
  3. Liaise with other Work Streams and prepare annua l budget for all activities
  4. Outline Strategies for the design, development a nd upgrade of the Institute’s Website.
Work Stream 8: Collection Gallery, Archive & Exhibition

Drawings, Photographs, Books, Periodicals, Write up s, Publications, Models, Interviews & Senior Fellows Portfolio Design Standards, Procurement Pathways


  1. Developing Strategies/Framework for collection G allery, Archiving, Library and Exhibition of Works of membership of th e institute. Strategies/Framework to include documentation and a rchiving of drawings, photographs, books, periodicals, models f rom the schools of architecture, architectural competitions, etc.
  2. Establishment and Management of a general data b ase for the institute to ensure smooth continuation from one Co uncil to another.
  3. Assisting with the conduct of interviews of Seni or Fellows of the institute including archiving of their works/portfo lios
Work Stream 7: Nationwide Networking & Chapter Development


  • Kumasi Chapter
  • Northern Chapter for the 3 Northern regions
  • Cape Coast / Takoradi Chapter
  • Tema Chapter
  • 2 Chapters in Accra
  • Student Chapter- KNUST and CUC



  1. Developing strategies for Country-wide network a nd the formation of Regional Chapters of the Institute.
  2.  Developing programmes/activities for the existin g and new Chapters
  3. Enhance communication and member participation i n GIA activities and programs
Work Stream 6: Government & Public Buildings Initiative

Design Standards, Procurement Pathways


  1. Developing strategies for basic design standards for all government and public buildings
  2. Developing strategies for the procurement of wor ks to be issued as a white paper to the government.
  3. Developing procedures and strategies for the act ive participation of the Institute in the delivery of government and public buildings.
Work Stream 5: Education, Curriculum Validation & Examinations


  1. Reviewing the current Architecture Education off ered both at KNUST and CUC and developing strategies for improvement.
  2. Reviewing the Current Curriculum Validation proc ess for KNUST and CUC and developing strategies for improvement b ased on current trend in Architecture Education.
  3. Researching into current trends associated with Architecture Education world-wide with emphasis on Commonwealth Schools of Architecture
  4. Develop the content and Timetable (Schedule) of the Professional Practice Examination (Part 3) – Becoming an Architec t for Graduates from Schools of Architecture in Ghana
  5. Developing Outline Procedure and Process for GIA Examination for Architects with foreign professional qualification/ experience.
Work Stream 4: Fundraising and Sponsorship Development
  1. Developing strategies and Templates for Fundrais ing and Sponsorship
  2. Developing a Data base of all previous, current and future sponsors
Work Stream 3: Metropolitan, Municipal & District Assembly Initiative

Development Control Consulting Support, Building Permit Processing Evaluation, Building Permit, Application Expedition, Enhanced Continuous Inspections during Execution, National Building Regulations Adherence.


  1. Developing Strategies/Modalities for Development Control Consulting Support to be executed by Membership of the Institute
  2. Developing enhanced procedure and implementation strategies for the Building permit process evaluation.
  3. Developing procedures for Building Permit Applic ation Expedition
  4. Developing for implementation strategies for enh anced continuous stage by stage inspection of projects during execut ion.
  5. Developing and deploying strategies/templates fo r the National Building Regulation adherence.
Work Stream 2: Continuing Professional Development, Design Competitions (Gia Competitions)


  1. Developing the detailed outline for Continuing Professional Development including but not limited to relevant topics, budget, Resource persons, Venues, etc.
  2. Developing the detailed outline for Architectural Competitions (both for Government/Private projects) including but not limited to Rules, Budget, Stages, etc.
Work Stream 1: Professional Standards And Membership

Lectures, Data Centre, Building Regulations, Contract Data, Client Architect Agreement, Risk Agreement, Arbitration, Professional Indemnity Insurance.


1. Developing the detailed outline for Professional Standards

2. Developing Outline Procedure and Process for Membership into the Ghana Institute of Architects

3. Review of Application for Membership (Individuals/Firms)